abby e. oliver


Abby E. Oliver is a visual artist and photographer living in NYC. As a lover of youth, color and authentic showcasing, she harvests her  emotions and attitude in her imagery. In addition to being skilled in providing a vibrant and jovial aesthetic, her empathy towards her subjects shows in her work. She has been capturing her miscellany for nearly 8 years.

As well as imagery created and captured, she is also adept in creative direction, performance art, dance choreography, visual styling and costume design.

Editorial & Commercial

Annex Surf Supply

Beljoy Haiti

Cosmopolitan Magazine

Encore Magazine

Hallelu Boutique

Mom's Sweet Shop

Paste Magazine

Perjus Magazine

Salad Punk

Second Skin Vintage

Soul Shoutique


Tusc Boutique

Wilma Magazine

The Wonder Shop



For all inquiries, email [email protected]


Exhibitions & Publications

-Acme Art Studios, Summer 2016 // "Omni" (performance art & video)

-Cameron Art Museum, Fall, 2013(photo) Fall, 2014(photo series)

- Cucalorus Film Festival, Fall 2016 // "Visual Soundwalls" (performance art)

- "Dance-A-Lorus" @ Cucalorus Film Festival, Fall 2017 (contemporary dance & choreography)

-Paste Magazine, Fall 2012(photo)

-Perjus Magazine, Issue 3, 2017 (photo series)

-Virgie R. Fleenor Art Gallery, Winter, 2012 (photo series)

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